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European Automotive Specialists
About Us

OUR  COMPANYWorld Ferrari, Spring Park, MN, Donnybrooke, Motorsports

 was started by technicians who have garnered local acclaim as a responsible, experienced and trustworthy automotive specialists. This success has come from years of experience working directly on Ferrari, Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Delorean, Triumph, Land Rover, Aston Martin, MG, Lotus and Volkswagen as well as antique and specialty makes and models, both domestic and import.

What makes us different? In a word . . . ethics. A quality frequently set aside in the automotive industry which has resulted in many customers feeling frustrated when acquiring service for their vehicle. Another is that we love cars, especially fast ones. And when educated consumers seek performance they expect something more than window dressing and an espresso. We welcome such expectations.

We provide our customers with a broad range of industry services eliminating the need to waste valuable time price-shopping or having multiple shops to service the car(s) they own. This gives our clients a single point of accountability. We are deeply immersed in the automotive industry thus lowering the cost of securing exceptional parts by partnering with solid industry affiliates allowing us to extend our services beyond the limits of most private shops and dealerships. This insures every customer a superior product at the absolute best price.

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Other than the dealerships, Top Gear  is the only shop in the area to have ALL of the factory diagnostic equipment to properly diagnose your European vehicle.  Other shops use generic software to scan your vehicles various computers for fault codes.  Due to the limited capabilities of these generic scanners, the information regarding the faults and how to remedy them are also limited.  This can lead to improper diagnosis as well as lengthy repair times (which you will usually end up paying for).  We use the same equipment and software that the dealer does to diagnose and, when needed, code and reprogram.  Many local shops ship their cars to us to do this!

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Volvo VIDA DiCE Diagnostics
Top Gear  is your one-stop Volvo specialist with ALL of the current software  

to handle reprogramming and diagnosis to updated repair 

smart, smart car, diagnosis, repair, dealer, minneapolis, st. paul, minnesota,

Smart Car Diagnostics
Top Gear  is your only service facility in the Twin Cities to offer 
Smart car service, repair and parts or that has the factory Smart scan equipment!

Minneapolis Mercedes, STAR, Tester, Diagnostics, Reprogram, Xentry, DAS, Benz, Minnesota, Parts

Mercedes Benz Star Diagnostics
Top Gear  is able to accomplish ANYTHING the Mercedes dealerships in 

Minneapolis or Minnesota is able to from reprogramming to updated repair info!!!

Jaguar, Land Rover, Minneapolis, SDD, IDS, Testbook, T4, Land Rover Minneapolis, Jaguar Minneapolis, Diagnostic, Scan Tool, Software, Minnesota

Aston Martin/Jaguar/Land Rover IDS and SDD
Top Gear  is the ONLY independent repair shop in the Minneapolis - St. Paul area to
have the Land Rover, Jaguar and Aston Martin software that the dealer uses to fix any
Aston Martin, Jaguar or Land Rover from 1997 to today!

Minneapolis, Aston Martin, Tire, TPMS, Light, Scanner, Diagnostic, Flat Tire, Reset, Tool

Aston Martin TPMS Diagnostics

The only shop in the Upper Midwest (except the dealer) to have the Aston Martin
Tire Pressure Monitoring diagnostic scanner and repair information.

Minneapolis Jaguar, Jaguar PDU, Jaguar Diagnosis, Jaguar Testing, Jaguar Scan Tool, Jaguar Scanner

Jaguar PDU
Top Gear  is the ONLY shop in the Midwest to have this diagnostic
scan tool needed for Jaguars from 1988 to 1996!

Minneapolis Lotus, Lotus Scanner, Lotus Esprit, Lotus Exige, Lotus Elise, Lotus Evora, Minneapolis

Lotus Tech 1 
Top Gear  is the ONLY shop in the Metro with the Lotus Tech 1 Scanner!!!

Lotus, Evora, Elise, Exige, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Techcentre, Scan

Lotus Techcentre
Top Gear  is the ONLY independent shop in Minneapolis, St. Paul with the Lotus Techcentre scanner capable of
diagnosing and repairing Elise, Evora, Exige 

Audi, Volkswagen, Bentley, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Diagnosis, Code, VAG, VAS, Diagnostics, Repair, Service, Dealer, Dealership, Scan, Minnesota, Twin Cities

Bentley, Volkswagen, Audi VAG VAS Dealer Diagnostics

Top Gear  is able to accomplish ANYTHING the Bentley, Audi and Volkswagen dealerships in 

Minnesota is able to from reprogramming to updated repair info!!!  We cannot be out-diagnosed!

Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota, BMW, Mini, Rolls Royce, INPA, GT1, Repair, Scan, Diagnosis, Dealer, Scan, Program, ToolsMinneapolis, BMW, Mini, Rolls Royce, INPA, GT1, Repair, Scan, Diagnosis, Dealer, Scan, Program, reflash, ECU, Restoration, Repair

                                                                               BMW GT1 and BMW INPA
                                                                    for BMW, BMW Mini and BMW Rolls Royce

                                 Top Gear  always has the latest software updates for Rolls Royce* BMW and Mini

and is capable of software programming, reflashing and pinpoint diagnostics.

*we are also the only independent shop in the Twin Cities to have ALL of the diagnostic
repair information and expertise for all older Rolls Royce and Bentley cars!


Allen Petersen (Former World Ferrari Technician)    
Project Manager/European Specialist

Allen Petersen, World Ferrari, Master Technician, Robert Bodin, Ferrari, Donnybrooke

Allen has a degree in automotive technology and is an ASE Master Technician and has successfully run his own auto shop specializing in performance racing for 10 years.  Allen has joined Top Gear and added to our ever-increasing European repair facility as a valuable technician.

In his off time Allen spending time on his boats and racing and working on his 1000 hp race car.

Dave Juntunen (A.S.E., A.A.S.)      
European Specialist/Consultant

Superdave, Minneapolis, Motorwerks BMW, Luther Jaguar, Jaguar Minneapolis, Carousel Audi, Donnybrook

Dave (former Donnybrooke chief exotic technician) has an AAS Degree in Automotive Technology, is ASE Certified and factory trained in Jaguar, Lotus, Audi, Porsche, BMW and has personal training by Francois Sicard (Ferrari factory engine builder & David Letterman’s personal technician) as well as years of working and consulting for local dealerships and specialty shops including Downtown Jaguar-Lotus, Quality Coaches, Motorwerks BMW, Carousel Porsche-Audi and Automotion (Boulder, CO). 

In his off-time Dave enjoys BASE jumping, skydiving, traveling, golf, and other outdoor activities as well as volunteer work.