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Our Philosophy

Before starting Top Gear Autoworks I spent over 15 years in the automotive industry.  In these years I have seen many shops come and go due to issues of accountability, credibility, honesty or just plain poor business sense. Having worked in every aspect of the repair business from washing cars to managing the counter I see the importance of solid business ethics.  The finished product that you see at  Top Gear  begins with my employee's happiness, my vendor's trust and ends with a reasonable and fair price for our services and your satisfaction.  

What makes Top Gear different is that we don't just service vehicles - we build relationships.  Our goal (as is the goal of ANY business) is to make money but not at the expense of your trust.  My goal is not to make $1000 dollars on one repair but rather to save you thousands in many future repairs over the years.  This philosophy, I believe, will save you thousands and provide a profitable future for my employees, vendors and myself.

Granted ANYONE can build a website and stack it full of fantastical sayings and platitudes but we go a step further. Since accountability, honesty and straight-forwardness are the values that drive us we openly post direct links to the Better Business Bureau, vendors, car clubs and sponsors we work with as well as word-for-word accounts of our clients.           

P.S.   Please DO NOT be misled.  "Reasonable" and "Fair" are not the same as "Free" or "Cheap".  Without question Top Gear  is the best at what we do and we do it for a better price than ANYONE else out there.  You may find cheaper or even more expensive, but you will not find better. Treat your car with the respect it deserves - have it serviced correctly by knowledgeable people and in turn expect to pay those specialists an appropriate price for their time and knowledge.  If you went to the Doctor's office gasping for air and could not breathe you would feel more confidant knowing your doctor had a background in respiratory health.  After he had repaired what was at issue would you then haggle over his price?  Of course not and as surely as you need to breathe, your car needs us.



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Our Clients Words

Top Gear has me as a customer for life.  Over a year ago I first brought my ailing Saab 9-5 Turbo in for some badly needed repairs.  It had 160K miles on it.  While it's admitedly aging, it's still a great car to drive.  I was however growing increasingly concerned about the ongoing cost of repairs and performance was flagging.  That is until I found this place.

First off, their repair cost estimate was 40% lower than the one given to me the previous day by the dealership.  Then after I'd signed the estimate they called to say that they'd left a needed part off of the estimate and that it had just been ordered.  They apologized for the delay.  They also said that because it was their error they wouldn't charge me for the (not inexpensive) part.  The topper is that later that day when I pulled out of their lot the car felt like it was new.  In fact, better than new.  They had it performing like an Aero.

Since then I've had the car in for routine service and minor repairs.  I've been very happy with the excellent quality of work and the price.  Dave is a genuine character.  A truly great guy.  He's assembled an outstanding crew.  Don't hesitate to place your ride in their hands.  You'll be glad you did.

-Kurt M. (Saab 9-5)
St. Louis Park, MN


I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism and competence when dealing with my Alfa.  That final buff really did the trick.  The car now looks 100% better.  Please send my note of appreciation to Al who has performed all the mechanical work - he is a keeper and also to Alex at the detail shop.

Top Gear is top notch in my book.

Thanks again.

-Chas H. (Alfa Romeo Spider)
Minnetonka, MN

Dave, I picked up my car on Friday after you had left - it looked great and the new tires improved the ride - I am glad you convinced me to change them.

I don't know much about your winter storage program, but I do want to have my DB9 stored with you and have you do the annual maintenance over the winter as well as put some level of an invisible bra on it.  I assume I contact you in October and we go from there

Thanks for the great service.

-Mike B. (Aston Martin DB9)
Minneapolis, MN

I cannot recommend this business!  I took my E-Type there for brake work.  They kept it over 2 months and failed to bleed the brakes properly--I barely made it home.  Also, the alternator was no longer working and the gas tank was almost empty.  On the plus side, they washed and detailed it well!

-Mark R. (Jaguar E-Type)
Hutchinson, MN

Unfortunately everyone is not perfect and this is a prime example where we removed the rear differential to rebuild leaking calipers and from what the client relayed in a later email turned out to be a simple air pocket in the system which was bled four times in the shop.  

In an effort to make up for this Top Gear offered to trailer the car back free of charge and rebleed the system but the client had a buddy do it instead and Top Gear even offered to pay for any cost involved but apparently there was none.  As for alternators and fuel we do not do things that are not an active issue in the repair and cannot forsee parts failing on cars.

-Dave J. (Owner)

Dave and his crew have kept my 2003 Jaguar XJ8 running as new.  Their diagnostics, resulting services and willingness to assure my satisfaction are certainly top-notch and the reason I keep coming back!  They have truly "earned" my business!

-Fred R. (Jaguar XJ8)
Minneapolis, MN

Superdave is THE MAN to help you with your European car!  I brought my car there and he assured me that he could fix my car without problem.  I was amazed and awed by his talent.  Love this place.  Wouldn't take my car anywhere else!!  Planning on a new set of rims and detail with Dave this summer!

-Jacquelyn V. (Jaguar X-Type)
Minneapolis, MN

As usual Top Gear met and exceeded my expectations.  I went in for some repairs on my Mercedes S600.  We realized that there were more issues that would take some time to resolve.  As I live 3 hours away, Dave was gracious enough to give me a complimentary loaner car.  I was kept informed on the progress of repairs and Dave and his crew took care of me and my Benz.  Thanks guys. 

-Andy M. (Mercedes S600)
Duluth, MN

I just got a courtesy follow up phone call and wanted to say that we are just loving the work you did for us back in August.  Our little TDI has power again!  Thank you for always being reliable, professional and competitive with your pricing.  We will be back!

-Juli M. (Volkswagen Jetta)
Minneapolis, MN

Hi Dave, thanks a mill for your help!  You're quick turn around was unbelievable.  You looked busy as hell but still managed to slip me in and out in a few days - holy crap!  Car seems to run fine now - I'll keep in touch.  I will email the Loons and tell them about my fantastic service!  Keep it real - real fast!  Best Wishes

-Phil B. (Lotus Esprit V8)
Stillwater, MN

For anyone in the Minneapolis area I have to suggest Top Gear.  The dealer quoted me $270 to reset (my trunk latch).  Top Gear charged me $55 and quoted me $140 for an oil change.  They didn't just reset the computer either they actually pulled the trunk apart and inspected the mechanism.  Guys are great!  Five Ferraris, two Lambos and another Maserati all sitting there waiting for work when I was there.

-Mark O. (Maserati Quattroporte)
Minneapolis, MN

I just have to say that I am simply amazed with your shop.  To start with, your shop is CLEAN!  It is hard to find a place that is willing to work on a Lotus, much less find one that knows what they are doing.  Top Gear surpassed my expectations.  Jonas knows his stuff and I can tell is passionate about what he does.  I asked to have a few little extra things checked, a rattle and a squeal from a belt.  The tech found the rattle and a belt that was a bit loose.  Jonas worked with the tech to help him get to the belt - that is something nearly impossible to do.

I usually leave a repair shop crying, you guys had me leaving with a smile on my face.

Lastly, I know that I have found a shop that is truthful and honest.  I was amazed when I overheard Dave say that a part that was ordered for a repair job should be removed from an invoice as the part was not needed and the problem was fixed without the part.  Most places would have just installed it.  I am impressed beyond belief.

Thanks!  I will be there again!!!!!

-Mark H. (Lotus Elan M100)
Minneapolis, MN

Dave, tell your crew the car runs awesome!!  Really smooth, quieter and not nearly as 'gas' smelling.  Great stuff.  Thanks and see you in the fall.

PS---Congratulations on the business doing so well.  Hope it continues for you.

-Randy L. (Jaguar E Type)
Minneapolis, MN

I have a 2001 Jaguar Supercharged in which Dave changed the timing chains.  He charged me $1600 less than the dealer quoted me!  His staff is even more trained than the dealer's master mechanics.

-Rudy T. (Jaguar XJR)
Minneapolis, MN

I have had Dave and the team work on my Land Rover several times (for both regular service and upgrades) and each time I have had a great experience and would use these chaps again!


-Graham R. (Land Rover LR3)
Minneapolis, MN

I'm very impressed!  I drive a 2000 Jag XJ8 and do most of my own service work.  I ran into a problem I couldn't solve with my transmission and decided to try ANY option other than the dealer.  I found Top Gear on the net and called Dave.  Top Gear did a tremendous job diagnosing and repairing my vehicle.  What would have cost me well over $1000 at the dealer, Dave's team was able to repair for a fraction of the cost.  The technicians detailed labor desription was very impressive and they did a great job communicating with me through the process.  What can I say?  I highly recommend you give their shop a call the next time you need service work.  I plan on holding on to an aging car I love now that I have a reliable/honest service option.  Thanks guys!

-Robert D. (Jaguar XJ8)
Minneapolis, MN

Thank you all for going the extra mile when I needed help with my car.  Even willing to stay late on Saturday to try to get me back on the road.  You don't know how much I appreciate that.  You are all amazing, and do wonderful work.  I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors.  Thanks again for the best and most professional service that's out there:)

-Melissa C. (Audi A4)
Lac du Flambeau, WI

It is a shame that it took me this long to leave you guys a message.  But that is why, what I say is important.  I barely have enough time to write this, but Top Gear will get you your car back quicker than anywhere else.  Faster diagnostics and better knowledge of your car leads to faster results.  Simply put, it is a better business model than your dealer.

-Andrew L. (Jaguar X Type)
New Hope, MN

Dave and the guys have done work on my vintage Porsche 911 and my new Range Rover.  In addition to the quality of the work, they continue to impress me with ways to fix things right and cost effective.  The most impressive however is their superb customer service!  These guys go way our of their way to help in an emergency - anyone with an older car (or a Range Rover for that matter :-)) will know what I mean.  Also important, the work is done when promised!

-Klause S. (Porsche 911 & Range Rover HSE)
Lakeville, MN

I stumbled upon Top Gear one Saturday afternoon when my car decided to have sudden radiator problems.  Top Gear not only diagnosed the problem, but fixed it that day!  My Chrysler Sebring is certainly not the fanciest car Top Gear sees on a regular basis but based on the service I received you'd never have guessed it!  As a woman who admittedly doesn't know a ton about cars, the folks at Top Gear made it a point to make sure I fully understood what needed to be done to my car.  That speaks volumes!  Thanks for the same day service and the excellent follow-through!

-Anne J. (Chrysler Sebring)
Minneapolis, MN

I am very pleased with the work Dave did on my 1990 Lotus Esprit SE!  Although it took two times for it to be fixed, Dave did a great job of keeping the costs down for me.  My car now runs fantastically!  Too bad the snow is going to hit soon. I'll drive it until Mother Nature says I can't.  Silly Mother Nature.

-Dan F. (Lotus Esprit SE)
Volga, SD

I had a great experience with Top Gear.  My 1995 Range Rover had a wide range of electrical gremlins and parts that had gone bad. I tried other shops, but none had the expertise or the great customer care that assured that I was getting just what I needed at the price that made sense.

Phil saved me money over and over again by tracking down used parts, and the techs knew my vehicle.  I felt like I got great value for every hour of labor I paid for.

Count me a delighted customer.

-Andrew R. (Land Rover Range Rover)
St. Paul, MN

I want to say thank you to Phil and all who worked hard to get the electrical problems fixed on my Chrysler T & C.  Top Gear had the solutions I was looking for.  I have to say I was worried about what the cost might be because of what the other place I was using had told me.  My worries calmed when I received the updates on the troubleshooting progress.  I am very satisfied with the service I received, and I am also grateful that costs were kept very reasonable.  I look forward to bringing you more work from me and I do plan to forward the services of Top Gear to others. 

-Gene L.. (Town & Country)
Viseli, MN

I love the guys at Top Gear.  They are nice, knowledgeable and honest!  They always explain things and actually show you what they need to do.  I've learned a lot from them and trust them implicitly.  I have been there 4 times and highly recommend their services!

-Laura N. (Jaguar S-Type)
Minneapolis, MN


Dave is very passionate about his work.  he is also very knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating.  He took care of my Mercedes S600 and treated me with respect.  What a young bright man!  

-Ahmed M. (Mercedes S600 AMG)
Superior, WI


I don't know how many have gone out to have work done by "SuperDave" at Top Gear, but he's "The Man" hands down and he knows these cars like few others.  Whatever he charges for oil changes, flushes or whatever is worth every penny because you know for sure that it was done correctly...which is great peace of mind considering how persnickety these cars we love can be! 

-Mitch G. (Lotus Elise)
Minneapolis, MN


Dave, it is absolutely amazing what you have done with that shop!!!  I know you have worked your ass off and turned that little building into one hell of a HONEST, RESPECTABLE and REASONABLE place to take your auto to!!  That, my friend, is a very hard place to find in today's world!  Your shop is the way businesses used to operate 20-50 years ago.  All you really care about is the customer!!

-Stacy M. (Audi A8)
Faribault, MN

While some of Dave's clients are obviously wealthy individuals, Dave will work with any car owners and treat them with great respect.  It is obvious after meeting him that he does not care about the size of your wallet but the passion you have for your car.  His work is outstanding (unlike the local Jag dealership).  I just wish I had found his services earlier.  Thank You.

-Lionel C. (Jaguar XK8)
Inver Grove Heights, MN


When my Land Rover Discovery II needed looking at Dave was able to tell me what was good, what was wearing, and what needed to be taken care of now.  My goal is to still be driving my Rover in 20 years.  Dave took the time to understand that and to help me develop a plan.  He operates his shop with honesty and takes the time to make sure you understand what he is doing, why he is doing it, and how that will help you and your auto.  What a relief to deal with an energetic, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic mechanic.  Give Dave and his guys a try and you will never set foot in a "stealership" again.

-Ray G. (Land Rover Discovery II)
St. Paul, MN

I brought my Jaguar XJR to [edited] to have my transmission problem diagnosed.  I was quoted over $11,000 dollars for a new transmission after being charged $2,000 for diagnosis.  I had Superdave give me a second opinion and he found a broken wire and fixed it for under $400!  I wouldn't take my car to anyone else!

-Jim S. (Jaguar XJR)
Excelsior, MN

Many thanks to Dave for taking the time to explain my options carefully and honestly. They made sure I understood what my car needed to get on the road again. I have never had a mechanic treat me with such respect. Way to go Dave!

-Jorge R. (Lotus Elise)
Minneapolis, MN

I always hated taking my Lotus to the dealership. I always felt as I was getting ripped off. I am happy to say that Dave changed all that. I didn't get hit with any unexpected charges and the work was completed when he said it would be. I am not afraid to bring my car to Dave! Thanks!

-Bob S. (Lotus Esprit S4S)
Mound, MN

Dave, I'm excited to hear that you opened your own's about time.  I loved taking my car to you because of the quality of your work but I swore I would never step foot in [edited] again after [edited] scratched my Porsche.  Thanks!

-Derek V. (Porsche 944T)
Minneapolis, MN

I'm tired of having to pay other shops to learn how to fix my car.  I'm so glad I met someone who knows and understands my DeLorean.

-Tom S. (DeLorean DMC12)
Minneapolis, MN

I have had many detail jobs done on my car in the past but I don't think my car has been this clean since it was new.

- Audrey B. (Mercedes GL450)
Minnetonka, MN


I have been using Top Gear for all of my cars for several years, and would not hesitate to recommend Dave and Crew.  They service my AMG and my other cars, as well as my daughter's car.  I have an agreement with Dave that if my daughter needs service, he is to just do what he thinks best and bill me for it - and I would not trust my daughter's car to anyone else.

-Andrew P. (Mercedes CLK 55, 280 SL, 230, 190E)
Minneapolis, MN

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